K I N was founded by Grace May and Rosie Harbottle, born out of a mutual love of nature, colour and all things botanical.  The duo, inspired by their time working together in Morocco had a dream of bringing like-minded people together, to create, learn, gather and grow, enriching their creative souls and nurture their passion for learning. 

Whilst working in Morocco Rosie and Grace found their ideas coming together.  "Morocco is a magical place, there is no environment like it, you can't help to be inspired and energised by its aura. We worked over many weeks on top of rooftops in Marrakech discussing what made us create, day in day out, until we eventually - after numerous mint teas - arrived at 'Kin'."

"It's a collaboration of all our favourite things, good people, nature, sharing ideas and learning new ones. We love the idea of skills being taught, passed on, shared, swapped. We always want to be growing within ourselves creatively and personally and to share these ideas is a joy."

If you wish to host a K I N workshop or would like us to hold a workshop for your Hen party or event then please CONTACT US or email us on: hello@kinworkshops.com. 

Grace May

A floral designer and florist, Grace grew up in the Devon Countryside and has travelled and worked all over the world before now settling in Manchester. 

Her passion lies with foraged, seasonal and organic, creating one off botanical pieces. Taking inspiration from her farm roots in Devon, she is happiest outside, secateurs in hand gathering foliage and wildflowers.

Grace has been featured in numorous publications including Porter Magazine, Brides Magazine, Martha Stewart and Harpers Bazaar.

Rosie Harbottle profile

Rosie Harbottle

An established illustrator and print designer, Rosie is happiest with a paintbrush in her hand. Living in the Devon countryside between the moors and coast provides endless inspiration as botanicals and nature feature heavily throughout her work.

Rosie lives the rural life on a smallholding surrounded by rolling hills with a self sufficient, organic ethos which forms some of the key principles of Kin. 

Rosie has been featured by Trend Bible, Martha Stewart, Harper's Bazaar Arabia and has her artwork sold in New York and Paris by Paper & Cloth Studio and is the founder of Wolf & Rosie hand painted leathers.

Some kind words about us...

It was a great day and I enjoy every minute and every little beautiful detail. You can tell everything was prepared with lots of love and charm to make the whole experience really deligthful. The hosts were really lovely and helpful, the venue was perfect for this kind of event (except for a bit of noise in the begining of the first workshop) and the whole atmosphere was very pleasant and relaxing. Also it was a pleasure meeting other people and I think the size of the group was quite good for having the chance to interact with eachother without being too many of us. If anything, I would have loved to have more time for the workshops, and have been able to practice and enjoy for much longer with the flowers and the watercolours.. But you can’t make a day longer, can you? ;) So I’d say, this workshop was great to get the taste of it and a weekend retreat would be perfect for next time! Thanks again to the event hosts and congratulations for your lovely job, it couldn’t have been better! :)
— Workshop Attendee
This was such a well organised, relaxing, friendly, enjoyable and instructive day that it is hard to imagine how it could be improved. The location was beautiful and the food delicious. The lavishness of the flowers and generous individual gift packs made the day excellent value for money. Every detail had been attended to, with many special little touches. A day of beauty, harmony and creativity!
— Workshop Attendee

Nothing to improve on, it was so personal with the kin packages at the beginning. Really impressed with all the food and drinks, the day went too quickly, it was the best course I’ve ever been on. Grace and Rosie were excellent teachers and thought the photographer was a great idea, can’t wait to see the photos. Thank you for such a wonderful day :). I’ve put my painting in a frame for a nice memory.
— Workshop Attendee